top 5 online sex games for couples

We have compared the best online sex games for couples and groups. Here is the list of the results for you.

1. Sex Tasks – the winner


Result = you must try

Online sex game for couples and groups. The best and biggest one on the market. The sex tasks are categorized to different levels and special packages. Now there are more than 3 000 tasks in the game. The tasks in the sex play are very good defined, described and illustrated. See more on

  Game Players 2+
  Number of Tasks more than 3 000
  Number of Users more than 200 000
  Extra Services Dating
Homemade Photos
Task Ideas

2. Married Games – nice ideas, but


Result = more small ideas

A nice collection of small ideas and funny games for couples and extra services for couples. But there is nothing like one perfect game for the whole evening. You can choose a position generator or a simple board game with a small amout of tasks.

  Game Players max 2
  Number of Tasks max 100
  Number of Users ?
  Extra Services Couple help

3. Hot Dares – the average


Result = a copy of another game

A nice try to copy the SexTasks game. It’s only for two players and the task database is now very small. The tasks are very simple and babasic.

  Game Players max 2
  Number of Tasks max 100
  Number of Users ?
  Extra Services Nothing extra

4. Couplestruthordare – chaos


Result = chaos

It is very hard to navigate and to understand how to play this game. The are some interesting tasks, but the game has no goal.

5. Games 4 Couple – wasting time


Result = do not try

This game is a bad joke. Sorry nothing interested here. We do not recommend to waste time with this project.